Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Treat or Treat?

Halloween is a deliciously devilish time! But do you really want to look truly Gruesome or hideously Horrible? Even on All Hallows' Eve? 

Come and visit us in our shop or online and find a dress from Retro Daisy you can look spookily sexy and hauntingly beautiful in for October 31st - you'll be the Thriller at the party in any of our gorgeous dresses!

Our Dolly Deckhand Dress is a Fifties vintage style Rockabilly dress with buttoned halter neck strap and sweetheart neckline that gathers gently under the bust area and a 'beswishing' full circle skirt that looks particularly perfect with a petticoat! The skirt has two front pockets (just the thing for your mobile phone and red lipstick!) the back of this dress has two elastic side panels for an amazing and flattering fit.

Made from cotton fabric with skull and crossbones, roses, anchor and star pattern on a black background - it's just right for Halloween, or pirate themed parties! £43.00

Another of our fabulously frightening but glamorously girly 50's vintage style dresses perfect for All Hallows' Eve is the spookily sexy Catrinas dress. The gorgeous floral print has hidden in the darkness and peeking between the roses little red skulls. The bodice is a total delight - fitted front tie top with a rouched panel across the bust, and square shoulder straps for a supported fit which demurely flatters. There is an elastic panel to the back which gives a supremely comfy fit whilst nipping in at the waist to reveal a full skirt which looks scarily stunning with a full petticoat. £45.00

Both of these dresses are made of 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex and are Machine washable on a cool wash, hang to dry.

These are just two of our dazzling selection of dresses that are ideal for any occasion and with the right make up and accessories turn Halloween in to a spooky spectacle of glamour and allure!

Come and visit us at Retro Daisy and have a SCREAM!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Love What You Wear And Wear What You Love!

I don't know about you... but I hardly ever print photos - last week I had an issue with my mobile phone... it gave up on me and I couldn't access pictures I'd saved to the phone. This made me think about the fact that we rarely print photos anymore, which then inspired me to go through images on my computer and select some for printing. 

The first thing that struck me as I visually strolled down memory lane, (actually it was the second thing, the first thing was how I constantly morphed from a size 10 to a size 22 every couple of years...) were the clothes worn by myself, my friends and my family, every outfit told a story -

1960's Me!

I particularly loved the poodle cardigan in the 60' photo - it's was fun and colourful too!

1970's Me!

The 70's dress did what every dress should do for a girl... it made me feel like a Siren! I loved it (even the loudness of the curtains and duvet cover can't ruin it!)

1980's Me!

Although the 80's wasn't my favourite era in clothes I adored this outfit - it did have a certain glamour about it... (in a 4th member of Bananarama sort of way..........)

One of the most important things about the photos above - is that I loved each item of clothing I chose to wear and I enjoy looking back and reminiscing and that makes me realise - the clothes we wear today - contribute to writing the story of our lives tomorrow!

 You decide if it's going to be a love story or a horror story!

Monday, 15 April 2013

A Pin-up Girl’s Best Friend!

We thought it was about time Retro Daisy had her say! So welcome to Daisy’s first blog post!

Retro Daisy started out as an idea quite a few years ago now, with the craving for a real physical place – a real High Street shop, where girls of all ages could go and explore their vintage and pinup dreams!
The internet is a wonderful place for locating all things vintage and pin-up but ‘virtual’ changing rooms are a poor substitute for being able to see an item of clothing, feel the material and try it on! We are all so very different in shape – two girls may both be considered a size 10 but each girl will be proportioned differently, just as each dress is cut differently – what will fit one size 10 could be ill fitting on another!  Then there is the simple fact that what looks great on a photoshopped model  on a website, or even on a hanger in a shop – is not always going to look as good on a ‘real’ girl!
On the other hand – often times a dress will look absolutely nothing on the hanger and then transform into a thing of complete beauty when tried on!
At Retro Daisy we want you to love the way you look, to only wear clothes that make you feel gorgeous every time you wear them.
With this philosophy and popularity, Daisy has very much out grown her Little Shop of Glamour in Arundel – girls do indeed want to try things on in person, without the hassle of waiting for deliveries and added postage charges! Shopping is a social joy that we think really can’t be replaced – so Daisy has found a new home, a lovely and large, one stop pin-up shop in Worthing town centre!
We will still have all your favourite Bombshell brands, and more! Including, shoes, makeup and underwear!
The launch date will be announced soon – with lots of lovely treats for everyone that comes along!
Please join us on Facebook and Twitter! And please check back here often for lots of glamorous information, chat and fun!